Cordula Daus

Blanket produced during workshop ‚B_flexible‘, 2004 (Anita Serrano/Lila Insúa)

Track list ‚B_top, the CD‘ (2005)

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pilot study, music CD and more, 2005-2006

Cordula Daus with Anita Serrano, Carlos Piegari and Sonia Abián

Contributions by: Wakal, Da, Jens Friebe, Re:combo, Platoniq, Siradji Diallo, Elvis Fran, Abdelghani Bechari, Maya R. Waldman, William Aguilar, Abdennour Zerouali, Daniel Gómez (Mami), O Pirata Galego, AA records, Corina Piatti, Sordera and many more. Funded by Caja Madrid, Obra Social, Generación 2005.

B_top started off as an experimental study on mobile vending  („top manta“) in Barcelona. In 2005 the artist collective BCNova! initiated a series of gatherings and workshops between mobile vendors, musicians, artists and other cultural producers that led to the creation of a music CD and a Zine. We approached the „manta“, a form of illegalized, hyper-flexible, ambulant labour, as a platform to establish alliances between people, to collect stories about global migration and day-to-day survival as well as a technique of distribution. As a result the CD B_top, among other products, was re-inserted into the „black market“ and distributed for free by the participating mobile vendors. For more on B_top see: „Otro ‘top manta’ es posible“, Rebelió, 02/2006; „Del Top Manta al Post Manta“, Periódico Mundo Hispano, 02/2006.