Cordula Daus

‚A Present for Everyone‘, intervention at Fòrum de las Culturas, 2003. Photo: Hugo de la Rosa


corporate identity, artist collective, 2002-2006

with: Anita Serrano, Carlos Piegari (2004-2006), Sonia Abián (2005), Aitor Méndez (2005).

In 2002 I founded BCNova!, a fictional corporate identity and artists‘ collective that operated like a discursive shredder, both off and online, over-affirming the codes of Barcelona’s city marketing.

Over the course of four years, BCNova! collaborated with other artists, activists, neighborhood associations and community centers to develop critical interventions in and around Poblenou/Barcelona and beyond. These were the days before the Forum of Cultures, a major cultural event promoted by the city as „a gift for everyone.

Between 2002 and 2005, I carried out a field research in relation to three sites on the coast of Barcelona. I conducted 23 interviews with architects, neighbors, mobile vendors, migrant artists, politicians, policemen, activists, and businessmen who have participated in or witnessed gentrification and urban transformation fueled by cultural mega-events. The interviews became part of explora_BCNova!, an interactive online film programmed by Anita Serrano in the now obsolete Flash software.

In addition to interventions in public space, BCNova! has produced installations, videos, workshops, exhibitions and publications that have been shown at Arts Santa Mònica/Barcelona, Liquidación Total/Madrid, ARCO Madrid, Zemos Sevilla, among others.