Cordula Daus

Promotional video, 2021


artistic research, fiction-in-progress, 2021-

co-researchers: Sebastian Bark, [M] Dudeck, Charlotta Ruth

funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF)

1st online iteration:


outerwoman is an artistic research project that investigates and develops imaginaries surrounding the human reproductive complex. Situated between language art, performance, feminist theory, and phenomenology-inspired field studies, the project works with a variety range of approaches to create fables, performative settings, and conversations around family-un/making, non/fertile subjectivities, and co-creation.

Currently, millions of frozen embryos are being stored in labs around the world. Premature lambs are being brought to term in plastic bags. Mice are being bred in bioreactors without the use of eggs or sperm. Millions of people have come into being with the help of assisted reproduction. We’re amidst a revolution that profoundly affects the human condition. The problem seems to be that we cannot fully grasp its implications. outerwoman uses the alienating idea of ectogenesis – the gestation of a being outside the human womb – as a ficto-critical tool to look back on pregnancy, birth and sexuality from ‚outer womb‘.

Taking our own biographies, birth histories and genealogies as artistic material, we, the team of outerwoman propose a conversation-based practice called experimentelles Ahnen (experimental forboding) to get a sense of the revolution to come. Midwives, biologists, neonatologists and experts from other fields are invited into the research apparatus. So far, outerwoman has materialized in the following four public/internal formats: 1. A séance (Das Aufhebungsspiel/The Sublation Game, Vienna 2022/Millstatt 2023); 2. a podcast series (2023-ongoing); 3. an interdisciplinary workshop (Vienna 2024) and 4. a publication (in development).