Cordula Daus

Image: Simon Repp

Logo: Vasilis Marmatakis

‚Questionology‘, performance, 2021. Photo: Gerd Schneider

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environment, performance and more, 2019-

conceived, developed and realized with Charlotta Ruth

OUT NOW!  Are you there? Questionology, Zine published by Errant Bodies Press, Berlin 2023

Questionology is an art project by Cordula Daus and Charlotta Ruth focusing on questioning and response-ability. The work is site and context specific and of participatory nature supported by techniques deriving from language art, choreography, midwifery, neuroscience, phenomenology, witchcraft, and software engineering. So far, Questionology has taken the form of live installations, environments, lecture performances, workshops, online questionnaires and publications. In June 2021, QuestionologyProgram for Applied Questioning premiered with brut Vienna.