Cordula Daus

Preliminary Cover

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novel, 2024 (upcoming)

132 pages
language: German
author: Cordula Daus
dramaturgical support: Daniela Plügge
typography: Till Gathmann
supervision: Ferdinand Schmatz
2024 Ritter Verlag
Klagenfurt, Graz und Wien


«Being the history of KAY and how she set out to discover the intensity of love, to probe its nature and learn its rites and customs. Recounting the fullness of her adventures, how our heroine put herself in the service of freedom, took her pleasure with the masculine sex, and was kiddie-napped in the process. Relating a skirmish in utero near Berlin, in which KAY was most disastrously defeated. How our heroine was forced to taste bitter tears, how she nearly perished, and other trials and tribulations or how to survive the middle ages, which stretch from the 40th year until the present day. Narrated by the heroine herself and very entertaining to read.» (Prologue, SEHR, translated from German)