Cordula Daus

Toponymisches Heft

journal series, 2010-2016

language: German and English
publisher: Fantôme Verlag, Berlin
typography: Katja Gretzinger (No. 1)
design/artifacts: Vasilis Marmatakis (No. 2 + No. 3)

Toponymisches Heft is a journal series, „ein sachüberschreitendes Fachjournal“, by Cordula Daus. Each journal is hefted to a geographical place, to a place in language. The here applied toponymy grapples with cases where language has turned into a problem: with sticky names,  semantic deadlocks, colonial debris and other annoying wordings of the world. So far, the following volumes have been published: No. 1 – “Das Trujillo-Syndrom”, 2010 (German);  No. 2 – “Geophysics of the Voice”, 2013 (German and English); No. 3 – “Seismolology” (German and English)